Article on Villi

I mentioned in an earlier article about Villi. The finger-like projections on the outside of your small intestine. You may know a little bit about them already, they are responsible for helping the small intestine to absorb nutrients from food as it passes through the body.

Basic Facts.

  • Healthy Villi have a surface area the size of a football pitch (Yes, that large!)
  • Through abuse, alcohol, caffeine, everyday toxins, nicotine etc, your villi can shrink to the size of a tennis court (still larger than you expect, but compared with a football pitch…tiny)
  • Think of Villi as the “Doormen” to your intestine. Damaged Villi would be like a small skinny doorman trying to guard a door made for giants. Not only do they find it hard to identify good nutrients and let them in, but they find it equally hard to stop bad toxins and fat from getting in.
  • Villi can also become blocked by toxins which form a glue-like layer over their surface.

As mentioned in an EARLIER ARTICLE it is increasingly important to be able to receive the nutrients your body needs, so having strong healthy villi is equally, if not more important.

It is not too late to repair your precious villi.

Even if you smoke regularly, drink coffee, beer and fatty foods, it is still possible for your villi to repair themselves. You just have to change your habits.

Repairing Villi.

  • Avoid Glutenous foods. As soon as gluten is removed from your diet your small intestine will start to heal itself, but adding gluten back to the diet will have the opposite affect, causing villi to break down again.
  • Certain drinks containing Aloe Vera extract can also help repair the villi and can help to absorb nutrients while the healing process is underway. I have been adding Aloe Vera to my shakes for the last few months and noticed the difference from the very first shake. It was more subtle than the difference I felt from the first shake ever, but my stomach seemed to complain less frequently throughout the day and I found my toilet visits to be cleaner.

I can’t stress enough the importance of proper villi treatment. I know most of us just think “well I know alcohol and smoking is bad for me, but I’m young, I’ll deal with it later”, at least, that is how I used to think, but right now, I would rather look after my villi NOW, and stay young for longer.


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  1. One of my friends already told me about this place and I do not regret that I found this article.

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