Weight loss with cellular nutrition

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This is my first article focusing on weight loss rather than weight gain, or just general weight management.

As mentioned in another article, Cellular Nutrition is a very important and often overlooked device for maintaining a healthy body. Another benefit of proper cell nutrition is weight loss.

Most people, if not all people, will think dieting is the best way to lose weight, and while a large number of these people will acknowledge that dieting isn’t particularly healthy, it is still the avenue most people will go down in order to trim the fat.

So, why is cellular nutrition a better alternative? Firstly, if you haven’t already read it, visit my article on cellular nutrition to get the background and the facts before reading on here.

Done that? Great! So now you know why cellular nutrition is important.

Simply put, to lose weight, you have to use up more calories than your body needs, which forces the fat reserves to be converted into energy to maintain the balance. Ergo, you lose fat, and lose weight.

When you diet, regardless of whether you eat healthy food in small amounts, or just skip meals, you are starving your body of the fuel it needs to produce energy.

How can you use up more energy if you don’t have it in the first place? Your body will eat itself and that will leave you feeling low on energy and generally unhealthy. By using the Herbalife shakes, you are increasing your body’s ability to absorb protein and nutrients, without taking on too much energy. Your body will be able to burn fat into muscle a lot more easily and you will:

not only lose weight, but feel great.

Check the comparison below for a better idea.

As well as protein shakes, the Thermojetics products work to nourish your body while balancing your energy levels in favour of losing weight.

Don’t starve your body any more! Eat to lose weight. With the herbalife weight loss programs you can eat 1 meal a day (virtually anything you want, your favourite foods!) and drink two shakes. Sit back and watch the weight fall off.

Better yet, don’t sit back, go out and enjoy your new found energy!


Uses of Herbalife

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As you will know by now from reading it in previous articles, or perhaps by researching the Herbalife website, weight management and nutrition are just some of a multitude of services offered by Herbalife products and their distributors.

Herbalife products are generally sorted into four categories:

Weight Management Targeted Nutrition Energy & Fitness Personal Care
The mainstay of Herbalife, the Shapeworks line is designed to help people lose/gain or simply maintain their weight. Whether you are aiming to improve digestion, your heart, or want some stress relief, a range of products and plans are available Energy boosts, Focus improvement, even alleviating muscle ache. The “Outer Beauty” skincare and Haircare products made with natural ingredients

While the uses of Herbalife products are wide in variety, they do have several things in common:

  • High quality designed to be the best or at least among the best in their category
  • Outstanding levels of healthiness
  • Great Results

An example of the first two bullet points is found in the Omega-3 capsules. Caught from “deep-sea” fish, the Herbalife line rivals competitors because the fish used for the Omega-3 are that much healthier. You might not think that much about where the fish come from when choosing your brand of Omega-3, but think about it, a fish caught in polluted, dirty ocean is going to be inferior to that of a fish caught in the deep depths of clean water

As for the great results, well, other than my own, I will be submitting an article in the next few days sharing the results of many people, some of whom are my friends, for all your reading/viewing pleasures (there will be pictures!)

One of the most useful tools I had with Herbalife was the Body Mass Index or the Lean Protein Estimator both of which are on line tools aimed to help calculate your body mass and protein levels. They are of course only an estimate and using electronic scales or similar devices in person would be more ideal, but for curiosity’s sake, you could check your condition right now!

Shameless plug aside, Herbalife has a wide range of uses in every day life. As Mark Hughes (founder of HBL) said,

Person by Person, Customer by Customer, Country by Country, we are going to take Herbalife round the world”

The reason for the success of Herbalife thus far;

(72 countries worldwide and over 50 million people helped over the last 30 years)

is almost 100% down to the wide range and high quality level of their products. I am only a recent convert and a small insignificant blip on the Herbalife map of helping people, but I’m pretty sure I have been converted for life.
Anyone interested in these products for weight gain, weight loss, or even outer beauty, can contact me the following ways:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/domwells

MSN: dangerous_dom@hotmail.com

E-mail: domwells@aol.com

I prefer MSN or Facebook, e-mails are too impersonal.

Thanks for reading!


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As mentioned in a previous post, I have now uploaded an article on Villi.

Why is knowledge about villi important to weight gain or loss you ask? well actually it is important to everything health related, not just gain or loss, simply because the Villi are like the doormen to your body.

The villi are the long strands coming out of your intestine, their job is to help absorb nutrients and help defend the body from the unwanted. Smoke? Drink Caffeine? Alcohol? Chances are your villi are damaged and significantly reduced in size. It is easy to fix this. Click the above article for more information, until then, happy living!

Month 3

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Hey all weight management enthusiasts! Or just those of you who have nothing better to do, quick update this time..

In the third month I had myself officially “weighed” by my sponsor. She uses advanced scales which tell you your body fat percentage, organ fat percentage, and cell age, in addition of course to weight. After my first two weeks I was measured using this same system as she told me that only my cell age was good, everything else was under the recommended levels.

To counter this, I was given fiber pills, omega 3 pills, and Aloe Vera concentrate to take in addition to the shakes in order to get my organ fat and body fat into good condition.

Actually though, I wasn’t very good with the pills, I was concentrating on just gaining weight first so I was spending most of my time worrying about the shakes only.

I was surprised then, that my organ and body fat levels were now halfway to where they needed to be, without taking the additional pills. If I had taken said pills I would have been at optimal level after only 3 months! My weight was now about 64.5Kg so pushing 5KG total gained.

Having a sponsor really has helped with my weight gain effort. I think a large portion of my success this time around has been due to my sponsor’s support.

Advantages of a Sponsor:

  • Expert advice from somebody who has helped countless others and works for a company which has helped millions of people
  • Constant encouragement
  • Sharing your goal with someone always increases the chance of it happening
  • Increased desire to not give up – not wanting to look like a failure to those supporting you is a big motivation!

Also, anyone interested in checking their Body Mass Index (BMI) can click here

And remember, keep up the weight gain and weight loss!

Cellular Nutrition

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This time, I want to go slightly off the weight gain/weight management/weight loss tangent and talk about the advantages of cellular nutrition, as opposed to just plain healthy eating/living.

As it is over a page of A4 that I have written, I’ve added a whole other page on the topic. Those of you interested in reading the whole thing should can view the article here.

For those of you with shorter attention spans, I’ll just include a brief introduction to cellular nutrition here:

What is it? Well basically, ensuring your cells get the right nutrition

Why? Recently, many doctors have associated old age and degenerative diseases with poor cell repair and condition.

I eat lots of fruit, problem solved right? Not really, firstly, you need a lot more fruit than you think you do, and secondly, fruit is picked before it is ripe these days, to ensure maximum supermarket shelf-life. It’s very hard to get sufficient nutrition without taking supplements.

If you want more information, again, read this article I have posted in another section.

Until next time, happy health! happy weight gain! happy weight loss! or just happy reading! whatever your purpose, thanks for reading.

My Daily Routine

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Before I found Herbalife Shakes it was difficult for me to gain weight. My daily routine before, during a weight gain attempt was as follows:

Breakfast: Cereal, Apple, Healthy snack bar

Between: Chocolate Bar or some other snack like that

Lunch: Burger,Fries, Coke

Dinner: Something large like Korea BBQ, Hot Pot, Noodles and Soup, etc

Before bed: Glass of milk, instant noodles, other junky snack

Weight Gain: Minimal and wouldn’t last.

I was eating a great deal, and making sure I got lot’s of protein and carbs, but to no avail, and spending lots of money on food too!

Weight Gain With Herbalife

Breakfast: Cereal, Shake

Lunch: Rice, Burger, something like this. + Shake

Dinner: Again something large. + Shake

Weight Gain: Averaging around 1.5KG per month and never falling.

As you can see, under this method I ate less and gained weight faster and cheaper, and a damn site healthier too.

Herbalife’s nutritional products make weight management both healthy and easy.

“Eating More” is a thing of the past for weight gain enthusiasts out there, just like “Eat less” has long been a thing of the past for weight loss enthusiasts. My method allows me to gain weight without having to dedicate more time and money to food. Similarly, people wanting to LOSE weight can do so in a healthy way, and still eat some of their favourite foods, and of course, save money.

More on using Herbalife to lose weight in a later article, for now I just want to talk about weight gain.

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